Saturday, June 19, 2010

Jovit Baldivino, the New Nora Aunor

(14 June 2010) On this day, the Filipino masses celebrated the lopsided victory of Jovit Baldivino in the nationwide talent show Pilipinas Got Talent (PGT)which was held at the Araneta Coliseum. Among the finalists, the BatangueƱo “siomai” vendor cum singer turned You Tube sensation garnered almost fifty percent of the votes (sms and online voting) cast.

Baldivino won a whooping two million pesos in cold cash which he said he will use in acquiring house and lot , and send his siblings to school.

Baldivino was still a PGT contestant when Batangas Governor Vilma Santos-Recto showed her full support for him. She hired him during the peak of the 2010 Philippine Elections in her campaign sorties in Batangas City. It was reported that Baldivino earned ten thousand pesos per show in the different towns of Bantangas.

According to reports, because Baldivino is naturally talented, he immediately made a name in Batangas through the aid of Santos-Recto. This reportedly caught the attention of the late Armando Sanchez, Santos-Rectos political rival. Sanchez got interested in the services of Baldivino and approached Baldivino’s father. According to reports, Sanchez paid Baldivino’s father thirty thousand pesos just to pull him out from Santos-Recto’s campaign team.

On the night that Baldivino was to perform in Batangas City, the older Baldivino came to fetch him. Baldivino reportedly refused to go with his father as he has commitments with Santos-Recto. In spite of Baldivino’s refusal, his father forced him to get into a car. He was even crying and he does not want to go with his father. But the older Baldivino’s decision prevailed. Baldivino can do nothing but to go with his father despite his crying and refusal. The scene got the attention of the crowd. Santos-Recto was also helpless and decided to just let go of Baldivino.

What’s amusing about Baldivino is that, he was so sorry of the incident and of his father’s behavior. He sincerely thanked his fans who supported him all the way. He also expressed his gratitude towards Santos-Recto.

If given the chance, he wants to do a project where KC Concepcion is his leading lady. He wishes to do a duet with Journey’s Arnel Pineda and Sarah Geronimo. He also wants to do a TV series with Geronimo.

Because of the warmth reception of the Filipino masses, there is no doubt that he will be a superstar like Nora Aunor. He is the male version of Nora Aunor. So tiny yet possesses such an incomparable voice.


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